Ashta Bhairava Homam

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
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What does it mean?

Ashta Bhairava Homa is performed to Eight forms of Bhairava for multiple benefits in various aspects of Life and is considered to be the most powerful way to destroy negativity and fear in one's heart. Bhairava, is a fierce manifestation of Lord Shiva who is all about destruction.

There are 64 Bhairavas in total and the ritual to all of them is called Ashtashtaka Bhairava Homa (8x8=64 Bhairava Homa). These 8 multiples of Bhairava are lead by one major form of Bhairava and this worship is called Ashta Bhairava Homa or Ashtanga Bhairava Homa. Maha Kala Bhairava is the leader of all these Bhairavas and will be the major deity worshipped during this ritual.

The ritual will result in complete annihilation of enemies, fear and all kinds of negative forces. Inner enemies such as ego, greed, lust, anger and procrastination will also be destroyed through sounds of Bhairava.

Names of the eight major Bhairavas are, Asitanga Bhairava, Ruru Bhairava, Chanda Bhairava, Krodhana (Krodha) Bhairava, Unmatta Bhairava, Kapala (Kapali) Bhairava, Bhishana Bhairava, Samhara Bhairava


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