Bagalamukhi Homam

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
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What does it mean?

How does the worship help?

Bagalamukhi worship is not all about removal of negativity. Energizing butter (Navaneetam) using

Bagalamukhi Brahmastra Kavacha for specific number of days and consuming the energized butter can bless women with progeny and womb related ailments.

Another unique remedy is also mentioned to resolve relationship issues. To cease any ongoing legal issues, Bagala Sadhana has always been considered to be the best worship. As yellow is used throughout her sadhana, to fill one’s life, living place or working place with utmost auspiciousness, Bagala Puja will be the pertinent choice.


Bagalamukhi, is one among the Dasha Maha-Vidyas (Ten Ultimate Feminine Consciousness). She is also known as Sthambhini for her ability to cease the thoughts, words and actions of negative people. She is depicted as a fierce Goddess, holding the tongue of a demon in one hand and a deadly weapon on the other.

Her moola mantra beholds the energy of Brahmastra which is one among the indestructible weapons in Hindu mythology.

She is also known as Pitambara for she is seen wearing yellow colour dress. Every material used in Her worship should be in yellow to enhance her energy during rituals. Interestingly, yellow colour usually is compared with auspiciousness but here it represents removal of negativity.

Scriptures mention an incident in which Lord Shiva explains Bagalamukhi’s glory and the power of Her Brahmastra mantra to Lord Muruga (Shanmukha).



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