Chandi Homam

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
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What does it mean?

This is a powerful ritual to a collective of Goddesses, altogether known as Chandika Parameshwari.

This ritual is performed to smash through obstacles and succeed in all aspects of life.


What does It Mean?

Chandi Homa is the ultimate solution to overcome obstacles, fears and negativity. The scripture gives a clear and detailed explanation of the ritual like When to perform? Why perform? What are the benefits? Etc.

This powerful Goddess ritual is based on an ancient scripture called Durga Saptashati or Devi Mahatmyam. Durga Saptashati is a compilation of 700 shlokas (poems/hymns) about Goddess Durga. These 700 shlokas are divided into 13 Chapters (Adhyaya) and every Chapter contains energy of a Goddess.

Listening to this Devi Mahatmyam will relieve one from enmity, planetary afflictions, knowingly and unknowingly committed sins, curses, evil eye, legal issues, evil forces, misunderstanding between family/friends, fear of animals and also financial crisis.



Chandi Homa is usually performed in two consecutive days as in, an evening and the next morning. The complete procedure of Chandi Homa is as follows:


First Day Evening

Brahmana Anugna - Anointing Priests and accepting their blessings to perform and complete the ritual.

Vighneshwara Aradhana - Ganesha worship for success and removal of obstacles.

Maha Sankalpam - Mentioning the complete details of  the ritual and taking a vow to complete the ritual with utmost sincerity.

Punyahavachanam - Varuna Worship to cleanse the place with divine sounds.

Matruka Puja - Worship of 16 Goddesses and Ganesha as a part of Chandi Aradhana.

Deepa Puja - Invoking Goddess in Oil and Ghee lamps decorated in the Pooja space.

Devi Mantapa Puja - Deities surrounding the decorated altar of Goddess are worshipped.

Devi Avahana - Invocation of Goddess Chandika Parameshwari in detail. 

Pustaka Puja - Worship of the sacred books that are inscribed with Devi Mantras

Saptashati Parayanam - Chanting of the 700 shlokas.

Japa Samarpanam - Offering flowers to Goddess in the form of complete chanting.

Upacharam - Special offerings made to Goddess.

Bali Puja - Offering Milk rice, Curd Rice and Vada to 64 forms of Yogini and 64 forms of Bhairava.

Second Day Morning

Gho Puja - Worship of Gho Mata (cow) as Goddess and special offerings made.

Purvanga Puja - Initial rituals before Homa is performed.

Agni Aradhana - Igniting and worshipping Goddess in the form of Fire.

Navakshari Homa - Offerings made into fire by Acharya while chanting the powerful Navakshari mantra.

Saptashati Homa (Adhyaya Homa) - Performing the complete 700 shlokas as fire offerings and during completion of every chapter (Adhyaya) a grand offering is made.

Kadambari Bali - A special bali puja around the fire pit.

Maha Purnahuti - Final offering made into the Fire and the completion of Homa.

Maha Upacharam - After offerings made to Agni, Goddess along with the mantra energy of the fire is submitted to Chandika Parameshwari invoked in the pots. Grand offerings with mantras and other materials are offered to conclude the grand ceremony of Chandi Homam.


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