Durga Homam

Remove Negativity!

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
Why Vedic Seva?
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What does it mean?

Goddess Durga, mostly worshipped as the destroyer of evil eye (Drishti Dosha) and negativity.

In Chandi Paath, Goddess Durga is considered the Ultimate Feminine (Parashakti)Energy and the source of all female Goddesses.

This Homa is performed to remove negativity, to resolve Rahu Dosha in birth chart and as a remedy for Kanya Dosha and Sarpa Dosha.

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Special Offerings:

  • Red flowers and Jasmine are using during Puja.

  • Jaggery Rice and Tamarind Rice are offered as Neivedyam (Food offering).

  • Turmeric, lemons and tamarind rice are offered in Fire.

  • Different kinds of fresh fruits are also offered as Neivedyam.


Gayatri Mantra - Special Vedic Chant

Om Katyayanaya Vidmahe Kanyakumari Dhimahi Tanno Durgi Prachodayat


Pujas performed for this Ritual

Ganesha Puja

Ganesha worship for successful completion of the ritual.

Maha Sankalpam

Purpose and prayers of the participant (owner) mentioned along with other details of the ritual

Varuna Puja (Punyahavachanam)

Varuna, God of Oceans is invoked to cleanse the place of worship along with people and materials involved in the ritual.

Kalasha Puja

Invocation of the desired deity in a Pot (Kalash)


Invocation of the desired deity in Fire.

Visesha Homam

Various materials offered into the fire while chanting powerful mantras.


Conclusion of Fire offerings


Final offerings of incense, light and food for the deities invoked in Pot.


Offering heartfelt prayers


Distribution of fruits or edible items offered during ritual, as a blessing of the deity.


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