Sahasranama Parayanam

The 1008 Chant

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
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What does it mean?

Every deity has a Sahasranama stotra (Poem with 1000 names) which describes many attributes of the deity and also contains mythological references. In these modern times and especially as it is Kali-Yuga, Nama-smaranam and Nama-sankeerthanam (thinking and chanting the names of Gods) have a huge positive impact on the person who listens and on the place where it is chanted. This is the least way to initiate a strong divine connection in our lives.


How does this Help?

Puja Services
  • Receiving the complete blessings of the deity

  • Instill auspiciousness at Home/Office

  • Mental peace and clarity in thoughts

Why Vedic Seva?

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We at Vedic Seva, work very hard to provide a memorable experience through authenticity and humility. Beautiful decorations, fresh and plentiful materials, step-by-step explanation for every procedure and authentic performance with clear and crisp mantras are our specialties.

Pujas performed for this Ritual

Ganesha Prarthana

Ganesha prayers for successful completion of the ritual.

Maha Sankalpam

Purpose and prayers of the participant (owner) mentioned along with other details of the ritual


Invocation of the deity in either pictures or statues


Chanting of the 1008 names


Final offerings of incense, light and food for the deities invoked.


Offering heartfelt prayers


Distribution of fruits or edible items offered during ritual, as a blessing of the deity.


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