Ayushya Homam

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
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What does it mean?

The first birthday of a child is special for many reasons.

Scriptures (Shastras) mention that the beginning of this special day should be dedicated to a practice which has lots of significance to it. Since science has been accepted as the dictating factor for proof and validation, a lot of scientific researches have proved the amount of positive impact that these practices consist of.

For example, Mundan is a practice of shaving child's head and recent studies have implied that this should be followed by everyone as it removes the hair soaked in blood and secretion inside the womb and also enriches the scalp.

Ayushya Homa is one such practice which initiates and prepares the child to face the world with divine blessings. Ayushya Homa is a Vedic ritual dedicated to increase longevity. This ritual is based on a Vedic chant called 'Ayushya Suktam' which contains prayers to various deities.

Unique : While majority of the rituals are performed to a specific deity, this is one amongst rare rituals performed mainly for the benefit of participant and includes mantras for many deities.

How does this Help?

·         Longevity

·         Relief from diseases

·         Provides mental and physical stability to the child.

Why Vedic Seva?

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We at Vedic Seva, work very hard to provide a memorable experience through authenticity and humility. Beautiful decorations, fresh and plentiful materials, step-by-step explanation for every procedure and authentic performance with clear and crisp mantras are our specialties.

Pujas performed for this Ritual

Ganesha Puja

Ganesha worship for successful completion of the ritual.

Maha Sankalpam

Purpose and prayers of the participant (owner) mentioned along with other details of the ritual

Varuna Puja (Punyahavachanam)

Varuna, God of Oceans is invoked to cleanse the place of worship along with people and materials involved in the ritual.

Kalasha Puja

Invocation of the desired deity in a Pot (Kalash)


Invocation of the desired deity in Fire.

Visesha Homam

Various materials offered into the fire while chanting powerful mantras.


Conclusion of Fire offerings


Final offerings of incense, light and food for the deities invoked in Pot.


Offering heartfelt prayers


Distribution of fruits or edible items offered during ritual, as a blessing of the deity.


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