Bhoomi Puja

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
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What does it mean?

Bhoomi Puja is performed to pacify Bhoo Devi (Earth Goddess) before any kind of construction on land.

This forgotten ritual used to be strictly performed during ancient times with great importance and fervour it deserves. Khanana Dosha (Sin of Digging land) applies for all kinds of construction, even for temples. This ritual portrays how soft hearted our ancestors were. Deities such as Bhoo devi and Sapta Samudra (Seven oceans) are invoked in pots.

Bhoo Devi is also depicted on a specific place and prayers are offered to forgive us from the disturbance we cause to nature. The tools used to dig the land is worshipped with a prayer to not hurt Bhoo Devi and after digging the first handful of sand from the place where Bhoo Devi has been invoked, water from the pots are poured to help heal the dug land. On the Ishana corner of the land, nine bricks are installed on which nine planets will be invoked and materials such as milk, curd, turmeric and Navadhanya (Nine grains for nine planets) are poured.

How does this Help?

·         Completion of the smooth construction

·         Relief from Bhoomi Dosha and blessings of Bhoomi Devi

·         Appease Nine planets for relief from inauspicious time energy throughout construction


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Pujas performed for this Ritual

Ganesha Puja

Ganesha worship for successful completion of the ritual.

Maha Sankalpam

Purpose and prayers of the participant (owner) mentioned along with other details of the ritual

Varuna Puja (Punyahavachanam)

Varuna, God of Oceans is invoked to cleanse the place of worship along with people and materials involved in the ritual.

Kalasha Puja

Invocation of the desired deity in a Pot (Kalash)


Final offerings of incense, light and food for the deities invoked in Pot.


Offering heartfelt prayers


Distribution of fruits or edible items offered during ritual, as a blessing of the deity.


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