Griha Pravesh Puja

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
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What does it mean?

Grihapravesh (House warming) is a ritual performed before occupying a house for the first time.

Owning a house has always been considered a huge milestone in many cultures.

Vastu Shastra mentions that a house should be treated like a living being, and is capable of impacting the house inmates in many ways. It is also mentioned that an empty house is where negative forces dwell.

So, to purify and cultivate positivity in one's living space, a series of rituals are performed which are collectively known as 'Grihapravesh'.

How does this Help?

·         The best way to begin your new life at your new place.

·         Removal of negative energy surrounding the house.

·         Divine chants absorbed by the house will provide mental peace and clarity during tough times.

·         Progress in all aspects of life (health, studies, work, business and relationships)



Why Vedic Seva?

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We at Vedic Seva, work very hard to provide a memorable experience through authenticity and humility. Beautiful decorations, fresh and plentiful materials, step-by-step explanation for every procedure and authentic performance with clear and crisp mantras are our specialities.

Pujas performed for this Ritual

Gho Puja

Before entering the house Gho Mata, cow is worshipped along with its calf. Cow represents Kamadhenu, the divine being who bestows abundant wealth and is also the personification of all the devas. Saubhagya dravyas (auspicious materials) such as saree, flowers and fruits are offered along with chanting of mantras and other offerings.

Dwara Puja

The doorstep of a house is considered an energy path in which Lord Ganesha, Goddess Saraswati and Goddess Mahalakshmi are worshipped to protect the house from unseen negative forces and for positive energy to flow through.

Ganesha Puja

Ganesha, our favorite deity, demands for the first worship. He creates and destroys obstacles (Vighna Karta and Vighna Harta) which signifies his stature as Leader of removing obstacles and thus his name Vighnaraja.

Maha Sankalpam

The most important procedure of every ritual where the complete details are mentioned i.e., place, time, name of the owner of the ritual, reason (purpose) to perform the ritual, prayers and names of deities about to be invoked will be mentioned

Kalash Puja

Invocation (Avahan) of the deities in the pot along with mantra japa and vedic chanting.


Invocation of the deities in the Fire.

Vishesha Homa

Special materials will be offered into the fire while mantras of the respective deities are chanted.


Conclusion of the fire offerings


A collective of offerings made to the deity invoked in fire and pot.


Final prayer


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