Vaastu Puja/Homam

What does it mean?
What does it mean?
How does this Help?
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What does it mean?

Vastu Purusha is a divine being who is believed to be asleep beneath earth and wakes up at specific times throughout a year which are called 'Vastu Time'.

Appeasing Vastu Purusha helps to protect and relieve a place from negative forces. There is a specific drawing for Vastu Purusha called 'Vastu Padam' in which 53 deities are invoked along with Vastu Purusha who is depicted in a sleeping position.

Apart from Vastu Purusha, a unique form of Brahma, named Vastu Brahma is also invoked along with His consorts Savitri and Gayatri to bless the place with auspiciousness. Unlike Vastu Purusha, Brahma is invoked in a Kalash (Pot). Fire offerings are made for all of the above mentioned deities and a unique offering of White Pumpkin (Kushmanda) is also made to appease four fierce deities.

This worship for Vastu deities will completely nullify any and all kinds of negative energy in one's work place/living place and also attracts divine energy.

How does this Help?

·         Removal of Vastu Dosha (Unfavorable energy in construction or placement of materials)

·         Protection from negative energy

·         Instill auspiciousness in the living space

·         Invoke Brahma’s energy for procreation of positive thoughts and progressive life.  

Why Vedic Seva?

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Pujas performed for this Ritual

Ganesha Puja

Ganesha worship for successful completion of the ritual.

Maha Sankalpam

Purpose and prayers of the participant (owner) mentioned along with other details of the ritual

Varuna Puja (Punyahavachanam)

Varuna, God of Oceans is worshipped to cleanse the place of worship along with people and materials involved in the ritual.

Kalasha Puja

Invocation of the desired deity in a Pot (Kalash)

Vastu Pada Puja

53 Gods and Goddesses worshipped in a special drawing called Vastu Mandala.


Invocation of the desired deity in Fire.

Visesha Homam

Various materials offered into the fire while chanting powerful mantras.


Conclusion of Fire offerings


Final offerings of incense, light and food for the deities invoked in Pot.


Offering heartfelt prayers


Distribution of fruits or edible items offered during ritual, as a blessing of the deity.


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