Ayush Homam

Ayushya Homam is an offering to various Gods and Goddesses who shower blessings for one's health and for removal of diseases. Performing this Homam once a year is essential for children in the removal Balarishta Yoga, a Dosha in Kundli that affects children from nourishment. Unlike other rituals, Ayushya Homa comes under the category of Samskaras, which are considered mandatory for everyone, every year. The scriptures mention that through this ritual one pays off the debt of Life that we borrow from Gods.

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Scriptures (Shastras) mention that the beginning of one’s annual Birthstar is a special day and should be dedicated to a practice which has lots of significance to it.
Since science has been accepted as the dictating factor for proof and validation, a lot of scientific researches have proved the amount of positive impact that these ancient Vedic practices consist of. This ritual is based on a Vedic chant called ‘Ayushya Suktam’ which contains prayers to various deities.

Unique: While a majority of the rituals are performed to a specific deity, this is one amongst rare rituals performed mainly for the benefit of the participant and includes mantras for many deities.


  • Longevity
  • Relief from diseases
  • Provides mental and physical stability
  • Helps children flourish in all aspects of life


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