Indrakshi Shiva Kavacha Parayanam

Cure and Protect with sounds!

Indrakshi Siva Kavacham Parayanam, is the chanting of two hymns that explains the nature, attributes and prayers to Goddess Indrakshi and Lord Shiva, to remove mental and physical diseases (Indrakshi for removal of diseases and for complete protection – Shiva kavacham)

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Indrakshi, is an Akshi Devatha like Kamakshi and Meenakshi who bless through their vision. Her physical attributes resemble Indra (God of demigods) because of the 1000 eyes all over her body and she is a compilation of many Goddess energies. Her mantras are helpful in relieving one from different kinds of fever and skin related diseases mainly. Indrakshi stotram is always accompanied by Shiva Kavacha stotram which acts as armor and prevents from negative forces. Rishabha, the bull faced God who is the first devotee of Lord Shiva, is the Rishi who authored this hymn.
Both of these mantras will be chanted on a plateful of Vibhuti (Bhasma/Sacred Ash) in which the divine symbol of Indrakshi is drawn.


  • Immediate relief from fever and physical discomforts
  • Protection from diseases
  • Mental peace and self satisfaction
  • Increase in consciousness regarding health and physique
  • Relief from fear and paranoia.


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