Dhanvantri Homam

Heal fast and Stay Healthy!

Dhanvantari Homam is done to seek blessings from Sri Dhanvantari and by performing this ritual one can receive a powerful solution for any kind of incurable disease. It is recommended that one should perform this ritual at least once a year to remediate all and every health related issues in future to live a long healthy life.

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Dhanvantri, in modern times known as ‘The Divine Physician’ is a form of Lord Maha Vishnu. He beholds an Amrita Patra (Pot containing Amrita, nectar of immortality) and is capable of relieving people from physical ailments. Sushruta and Varahamihira, earliest known medical practitioners who were experts on surgeries and forefathers of Ayurvedic knowledge, have been believed to offer prayers to Dhanvantari to succeed in their endeavours.


  • Shall provide peace and happiness
  • Removal of mental and situational obstacles

Special Offerings

  • Special medicinal herbs are offered in the Fire.
  • Archana and Puja are done using Tulsi leaves.
  • Different kinds of fresh fruits are also offered as Neivedyam.

Gayatri Mantra – Special Vedic Chant

Om Vasudevaya Vidmahe Vaidyanathaya Dhimahi Tanno Dhanvantari Prachodayat


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