Durga Homam

Remove Negativity!

Durga Homa is performed to remove negativity, to resolve Rahu Dosha in birth chart and as a remedy for Kanya Dosha and Sarpa Dosha.

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“Samare cha Durga” – this quote from Shaivagama denotes that the Universal energy (Parabrahma) takes the form Goddess Durga during war. Such is the energy of Durga that can provide clear and detailed knowledge about enmity and during critical situations one can succeed with tactics and force.Durga is mostly worshipped as the destroyer of evil eye (Drishti Dosha) and negativity. In Chandi Paath,Goddess Durga is considered the Ultimate Feminine (Parashakti)Energy and the source of all female Goddesses.


  • Removal of negativity and evil energy
  • Drishti Dosha (Nazar, evil eye) removal
  • Sense of protection and satisfaction
  • Upliftment from obstacles, confidence boost

Special Offerings

  • Red flowers and Jasmine are using during Puja.
  • Jaggery Rice and Tamarind Rice are offered as Neivedyam (Food offering).
  • Turmeric, lemons and tamarind rice are offered in Fire.
  • Different kinds of fresh fruits are also offered as Neivedyam.

Gayatri Mantra – Special Vedic Chant

Om Katyayanaya Vidmahe Kanyakumari Dhimahi Tanno Durgi Prachodayat


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