Nava Durga Homa

Nava Durga Homa is the worship of Nine powerful forms of Durga for ultimate protection and peace from all unpleasant occurrences. Performing this powerful tantric ritual brings pride and recognition in ones life.It brings health, wealth & prosperity, longevity, fertility and children, education & fame, success in married life, strength, fortune, and removal of fear and danger, victory and much more to everyone who participates in this ritual. Propitiating the Nine forms of Goddess helps to destroy negative energies, destructive thoughts and desires.

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According to Durga Pooja vidhanam there are Nine unique forms of Durga who bless with various boonsand gifts. Details of all the Nine Durga Avatars are as follows,

Jatavedo durga- The Durga who represents fire and especially the fire in which deities are invoked i.e., the fire which resides in Homa Kunda and used in spiritual practices. This Goddess extinguished the fire that emerged from Lord Shiva’s eye to burn Kama (Cupid) who instilled seduction in Shiva’s heart. The fire could never be put down and started destroying Earth. Jatavedo Durga carried this fire and dropped it in River Ganga.

Santhi durga- The only thing sought by Kings, soldiers, ascetics and even animals is, Peace. This Goddess, Shanthi Durga helped Lord Shiva attain peace as He was enraged by an incident which later on lead for the creation of Shakti Peeth (Powerspots of Goddess). Relief from debt, physical and mental ailments are Her boons.

Shoolini durga- She accompanied Lord Sharabheshwara to remove the ignorance of Lord Narasimha. She beholds a powerful Trident (Trishul) hence called Shoolini Durga. She protects her worshippers from negative and evil forces.

Shabari durga- When Lord Shiva took the form of a Hunter, Goddess Shabari Durga takes the form of a Huntress and accompanies Him. She is depicted holding bow and arrow. In Kiratarjuniya, it is Shabari Durga who hints Arjuna to win over Lord Shiva to obtain the ultimate weapon, Pashupatastra. Shabari Durga is worshipped to rescue one from difficult times.

Lavana durga- She helped destroy a demon called Lavanasura hence called Lavana Durga. She is usually worshipped to relieve Loukika (Earthly) troubles such as misunderstandings, woes and confusions.

Asuri durga- A very fierce form of Durga who is red in colour and wears red attires. To completely destroy an enemy and nullify any kind of negative energy, this is the Goddess best to worship.

Deepa durga- She resides in the “light” (deepam) hence called Deepa Durga. Deepa Durga is mainly worshipped by Saints and Ascetics. She helps attain clarity and enlightenment.

Vana durga- She resides in forests (Vanam) hence called Vana Durga. Just like Vishnu Durga, She is found holding Shankh (conch) and Chakra (wheel of destruction). She protects one from natural calamities.

Jwala durga- She is the form of a mighty flame (Jwala) hence Jwala Durga. She created a barrier of Fire which erupted to unimaginable level and restricted a demon called Bandasura from progressing. She is mentioned to have the support of Vishnu in this form and acts as a weapon (Asthra) for Her worshippers.


  • Relief from evil and negative energies
  • Help attain mental peace and physical comfort
  • Attract wealth and relief from debts and struggles
  • Help increase logical and spiritual consciousness
  • Protection from natural calamities, malefic planets, and enmity
  • Attract people who bring inauspiciousness, divinity, and peace


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