Shatru Samhara Homam

Shatru Samhara Homa is the worship of Six faces of Muruga using six different flowers, fruits and food offerings. Shatru Samhara Homa is a ritual dedicated to Lord Muruga also known as Skanda, Subramanya, Shanmukha, Kartikeya etc. to remove all kinds of enmity and misunderstandings between people.

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This ritual is based on a unique set of archanas (Archana: Offering flowers while praising the glory of deity) which contains multiple divine syllables (Bijakshara). This compilation is called Shatru Samhara Trishati as it contains 300 archanas.

The reason for mentioning this ritual/archana as a unique, important and powerful one is because every archana consists an unique bijakshara of Shiva, Shakti, Panchamoorthy, Pancha-Brahma, Shadadhwa and lastly the bijakshara of Muruga Himself.

Many unique and powerful rituals vanish from people’s mind for sometime and re-emerge as a popular practice and during its return, the ritual is performed with utmost dedication and much more authenticity. Shatru Samhara Homa is one such ritual which has now emerged with more revelations and details on offerings, mantras and procedures.


  • Complete removal of misunderstandings and enmity.
  • Relief from planetary and birth chart related struggles
  • Attract enemies and resolve problems
  • Victory over pending (unresolved) troubles in life


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