Mrityunjaya Homa

For a long, healthy and happy Life!

This ritual to Lord Shiva in the form of Mrityunjaya, is a powerful worship to favour one with a long life and great well being. Also known to be a Life sparing Homam, performing this divine ritual will help you from seven sorts of Mrutu Doshas as while performing this Homam seven offerings are made to the Brahmins namely Thaila, Loha, Karpasam, Kushmandam, Lavanam,Tila and Kambalam.

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Lord Mrityunjaya, a form of Shiva who beholds Amrita kalash removes the fear of Death and bestows confidence, clarity and strong health. He is pretty similar to Dhanvantri, but is more about healing fatal diseases and saving people from the hands of Death.

Lord Mrtiyunjaya protected Sage Markandeya (Immortal and ever-young) from Yama (Death) and hence got the name which directly translates to ‘Victory over Death’.


  • Relief from fear of death and diseases that lead to death
  • Mental peace and stability
  • Protection from all planets and Mrityu Devatha


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