Sathabhishekam (81st Birthday Pooja)

Shatabhishekam is performed for the longevity of the couple who celebrate the completion of years and provides them with good health and strength. It is believed that the couple performing this Puja have crossed 1000 full moons in their lifetime and now they begin their journey towards spiritual path in their lives. After 7 or 8 months completion of their 80th Birthday, they become eligible for this ritual to be performed for them.

Since they have completed their 80 years of continued journey they are believed to be special and blessed to have seen almost 3 generations of their family tree.

This particular event is considered a mandatory ritual solidifying one of the family’s biggest fortunes.Its believed that having someone who has lived up to this age and getting their blessings is very good Karma (fortune).

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The ritual consists of prayers to a number of deities including the Family Deity, Ganapathy, Lakshmi, Amurtha Mrityunjeyar, Ayush, Danvantri and so on. After performing a Homam for all the deities, the Kalasabhisheka takes place along with Mangala Snana. In certain hindu traditions, Mangalya Dharana (Mangal Sutra/Thaali) is performed along with exchange of garlands and then the Purohits give them the Maha Prasad, a sign of completion and blessings of all the Gods.

Mostly the above is performed amidst the presence of families, friends and relatives usually at a temple or a Community hall/mandapam

Post ceremony, the couple themselves who are considered to be the receiver of complete blessings of Lord Shiva and Parvathi shower and offer blessings to all the attendees of the ritual.


  • Blessings of Mrityunjaya, Vishnu, Ganesha and many other Gods
  • Blessings for longevity, health, and mental peace
  • Blessings for the whole family to live in harmony


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