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Vedic Birthday Is our unique service, by performing Ayush Homam, Bhagya Sukta Homam, Mrityunjaya Homam and Nakshatra Shanti on your Janma Nakshatra (Birthstar Birthday). This is our elite offering that connects one to the vedic way of attaining longevity and sustenance of strong health.

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Birthdays are special occasions that help us focus on ourselves, our health, goals and achievements. Similarly, Shastras suggest a ritual which insists on the importance of health, longevity and overall auspiciousness. This ritual is one among the 16 Samskaras which are considered mandatory worship and practice throughout one’s life.

According to Vedic culture, one celebrates birthday with regards to the star in which they are born (Janma Nakshatra). We at Vedic Seva, help you find out your Nakshatra and help you remember your Vedic Birthday, which might be a different Gregorian date every year. This ritual is not deity-centric and the only focus is on the overall life improvement of the devotee.

Every God related to time (moon phase, star, yoga, karana) are all pleased by this worship. Lord Bhaga, the God of auspiciousness is propitiated to attract wealth and success. Lord Mrityunjaya, the form of Shiva is also offered prayers to improve longevity and remove fear of disease and ailments.


  • Shall be blessed with health improvements and protection from diseases
  • Overall life improvement
  • Attract auspiciousness
  • Shall be blessed with relief from mental and physical ailments


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