Namakaranam (Naming ceremony)

Namakaranam, the naming ceremony is a part of Samskaras, a collective of well planned/constructed rituals for overall success and peace. Namakaranam is performed in different ways with regards to the native’s family practice, origin and culture. We at Vedic Seva offer authentic and affordable service, which will be exclusive to you.

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There are many Rishis who have blessed us with knowledge derived from Vedas, in the form of Grihyasutras (domestic rituals and ceremonies). Naming ceremony is the very next ritual after Jatakarma and plays an important part in the child’s life. Mantras that help stabilizing the child’s breath, resolving early planetary affliction are all an important aspect of this ritual. Also, the child is blessed to excel in knowledge and skills that are much fruitful during this time.


When should be performed?

Brihaspati opines that, “The naming ceremonies should be performed on the tenth, twelfth, thirteenth, sixteenth, nineteenth, or thirty-second day after the birth of the child.” Every family usually has a specific pattern or practice when it comes to the date. Since the child’s Nakshatra and other astrological details will remain unknown for a year, the only requirement for the day is to not have any malefic star or moon phase.

How to choose child’s name?

There are many Rishis who have given dos and donts while choosing a child’s name. Here are a few,

  • Do not use names of mountains or Nakshatras.
  • Try to add a part of great grandparent’s name, so it helps remembering the lineage.
  • Do not name them with meaningless words.


  • Removal of Janana Dosha
  • Prayers to improve health and stabilize breathing of the child
  • The first step of creating an identity for the child


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