Bheemaratha Shanthi

Bheemaratha Shanthi is performed after completion of 69 years and at the commencement of 70th year. This is considered as a very important and valuable period and hence the offerings made during this sacred appeasement ceremony/homam is done to overcome obstacles,to gain long life and attain good health.

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At specific age or stages of life, Vaidika Grihyasutras mention rituals for the protection and wellness of an individual. Each one of these have specific deities places at specific location around the Vedika. Each one of these deities have unique flower, herb, number of offerings through which one can easily attract the energy of the deity and seek blessings.

The seas, the rivers, the presiding deities of the Directions (Dikpālakas), navagrahas are invoked into the Kalasas and puja offered to the respective deities. The gods which rule each year of the Hindu Calendar (60 years) each Ayana (Uttara, Dakshina), each season, (six ṛtus) each month (12 months), each fortnight, (śukla and kṛṣṇa) each tithi (15) each day of the week (seven) each star (27 stars), each, yoga, each karaṇa and each rāśi are duly worshipped. Post the homam,acharyas and ritviks take the sanctified water and perform Abhisheka to the householder. The householder then participates in giving alms. The Acharyas and ritviks who conducted the Shanti Yagna are to be given Daśa Dānās to express gratitude for their services. Annadāna is the foremost of these gifts Food Feeding is accomplished.


  • Worship for longevity and relief from physical diseases
  • Mental and physical stability and peace
  • Appease planets and relief from planetary afflictions
  • Appeasement of Kula-Devatha and other deities for protection
  • Prayers for desire-fulfilment of the whole family


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