Bhagya Sukta Homam

The Divine Bliss!

Bhagya Sukta Homam is performed to replenish positive vibrations at home and office. This powerful ritual is performed by worshipping Lord Bhaga who is believed to be one of the aspect of Sun God. It is believed that that by Invoking Bhaga in the sacred Agn i(fire) amidst the Divine chants of the Bhagya Suktam of the Yajur Veda, one is blessed with success, Luck and Good fortune in all endeavours.

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Lord Bhaga is a Demi-God who blesses people with good fortune and auspiciousness. The Krishna Yajur Vedic mantra called ‘Bhagya Suktam’ is chanted during this Homa and also during fire offerings (Ahuti).Pandits with deep knowledge and devotion, have used this Vedic chant in various ways, such as an Archana. Often misunderstood as a simple Vedic text, this powerful chant and worship is regaining fame and popularity among people these days.


  • Attracts positivity in all aspects of life
  • Invite and boost auspiciousness
  • Harmony in marriage and family
  • Relief from dark and negative planetary and time afflictions

Special Offerings

  • Samith (Fire sticks), Annam (Boiled white rice) and Ajyam (ghee) are the offerings made in Fire.
  • Different kinds of fresh fruits are also offered as Naivedyam


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